Polymetallic Catalysis

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Polymetallic catalysis applied to alkenes oxidative cleavage

Selective oxidations of alkenes are central to the chemical industry. By adding value to the transformed molecules, these reactions enable the production of numerous derivatives of interest, in various fields such as plasticizers, lubricants, monomers for polyesters and polyamides, as well as cosmetic and pharmaceutical ingredients.

Although very efficient, the current processes used for oxidation of alkenes into diols and their oxidative cleavage are strongly criticized due to the major industrial risks they represent. The reagents required by these conventional processes are expensive, highly toxic, dangerous and very polluting. 

Polymetallic catalysis is a breakthrough catalytic strategy that combines two metals to generate synergies and improve chemical processes. Polymetallic catalysis allows chemical processes that are safer for the environment and less expensive than conventional systems.

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