Frédéric Caijo

Frederic CAIJO obtained a PhD in Organic chemistry in 2004 at the ENSCR for a project dealing with the synthesis of anti-diabetic molecules, closely led with the Servier laboratories.

In 2005 and 2006, Frederic CAIJO went on with his collaboration, still working on organic synthesis.

In 2007, Frederic CAIJO took the lead on a maturation project for a patent aiming at protecting catalysers dedicated to the olefin metathesis reaction, technology coming from Marc Mauduit’s laboratory (CNRS) based in Rennes.

His work resulted in the creation of a start-up, Omega Cat System that he co-founded in 2010 and in several patented applications. Omega Cat system has merged with Stratoz and Capnodis in 2017 to give birth to Demeta. Frederic Caijo has been the Head of the Chemistry Department of this start-up until 2020.