Demeta announces the creation of its Scientific Board


Rennes, France, May 17th, 2018 - DEMETA, leader in the development of new generation catalysts for green chemistry is proud to announce the first meeting of its Scientific Advisory Board at its headquarter in Rennes.


Top (from left to right) : Dr. Patrick James, Dr. Lionel Limousy, M. Serge Ratton, M. Patrick Piot, Dr. Jacques Biton
Bottom (from left to right) : Dr. Frédéric Caijo, Pr. Janine Cossy, Dr. Marc Mauduit


Its members have been chosen by DEMETA’s board of directors for their wide knowledge and proven experience in the field of chemistry and more specifically catalysis, formulation of high performance polymers and R&D strategy. Patrick Piot, Chief Executive Officer at DEMETA explains: “the Scientific Advisory Board comprises 6 high-profile scientists that will meet on regular basis in order to advise and guide DEMETA’s Board of Directors and management for all matters related to R&D and Innovation. DEMETA will also strongly benefit from the members’ professional and academic networks”.

Besides plenary sessions, the members have individually accepted to assist DEMETA’s team on an ad-hoc basis, focusing on the company’s current strategic projects:

  • Commercialization of a new family of high performance materials, NexTene™, produced by polymerization of cyclo-olefins (DCPD), thanks to DEMETA’s proprietary, highly stable and cost-competitive ruthenium-based catalysts;
  • Development of precursors for bio-based polyesters, polyamides and specialty lubricants produced from oleic acid (and other alkenes), by polymetallic catalysis, in partnership with University Rennes 1 through the GreenCARE joint R&D lab.

It’s truly an honor for our team and myself to gather around us such a remarkable community of scientific expertise. With this very high-level advisory and guidance committee, DEMETA will accelerate the development of its innovative, successful catalysts and polymers of the future”, says Dominique Bouvier, Chairman of the Board of Directors. “The inauguration of our GreenCARE joint laboratory (LabCom) with University Rennes 1 on May 29th will be the perfect occasion to present in more details our technology”.

Members of DEMETA’s Scientific Advisory Board

  • Dr. Jacques Biton, Consultant, ex-CEO & Founder of DEMETA and Deinove
  • Pr. Janine Cossy, Professor of Organical Chemistry  at ESPCI ParisTech, Member of the Académie des Sciences
  • Dr. Patrick James, Consultant, ex-Global Head of Innovation at Plastic Omnium
  • Dr. Lionel Limousy, Associate Professor at the« Université de Haute Alsace »
  • Dr. Marc Mauduit, Research Director at CNRS
  • Serge Ratton, Consultant, ex-Global Head of R&D at Rhodia
  • Dr. Frédéric Caijo, Chief Scientific & Compliance Officer at DEMETA
  • Patrick Piot, Chief Executive Officer at DEMETA


Contact at DEMETA :  Ralph Hédel –


DEMETA S.A.S develops new generation catalysts for green chemistry. A catalyst is a patented molecular tool, used at very low dosage to simplify the chemistry, thereby reducing processing costs and environmental footprint, and making chemical processes safer.

With its first technology platform (Olefin Metathesis), DEMETA commercializes NexTene™ resins, a new family of high performance materials, with a focus on 4 different markets: complex parts produced by RIM processing, oil & gas, composites materials and specialty adhesives. With its second technology platform (Polymetallic Catalysis), DEMETA valorizes oleic acid (and other alkenes) by synthesizing precursors for bio-based polyesters, polyamides and specialty lubricants.

Since its inception in 2011, DEMETA can count on the support of Truffle Capital and also BPI France.