Serge Ratton

Serge Ratton graduated from the CNAM as a chemical engineer with a specialization in industrial chemistry (polymers). He has also a CEDEP training in fontainebleau (MBA equivalent) and a marketing cursus in Columbia University.

He started his career with the development of new processes and their industrialization on large-scale production sites.

Then, he managed a R&D department in the reseach center of an important chemical group before taking the worldwide management of the research department for this company in the field of organic chemistry.

At the same time, he was also head of a profit center dedicated to the development and launching of new products.

Since 2006, Serge RATTON has been consultant in the field of innovation for industrial companies working in chemistry (from plant or fossil resources to the performance capabilities of these products).

He is a member of several boards of directors, expert for other boards, member for scientific boards. He is also involved as scientific expert for a couple of companies.

Serge RATTON was awarded in 1996 with the « Grand Prix de Chimie Industrielle » given by the « Société Française de Chimie « and the « Société de Chimie Industrielle ».

In 1998, he was awarded with the ADEME price for the conception of a new Friedel & Crafts process without releases.

He is the author of 7 scientific publications and inventor of 46 patents.

He wrote « The roots of the organic development » in 1996 and is co-editor for 6 books and encyclopedias. He participated as a speaker in 42 scientific conferences (EU, US, Japan, Brazil, Russia and India).