Ouest Valorisation strengthens its commitment towards DEMETA, a leader in new generation catalysts for green chemistry, through an equity investment.



DEMETA is pleased to announce that SATT Ouest Valorisation, a French Technology Transfer Office, has taken an equity interest in DEMETA.

Through this operation, Ouest Valorisation materializes for the third time since its creation, its commitment to valorize intellectual property portfolio stemming from French public research laboratories, through an equity interest in an innovative company, whose technologies were incubated within the Rennes academic ecosystem (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Rennes, Université Rennes 1, the Rennes Institute of Chemical Sciences and CNRS).

With a strong expertise in the field of mono and polymetallic catalysis, DEMETA has been developing since 2011 new generation catalysts for green chemistry which, used in very low quantity, simplify chemical reactions, thereby reducing production costs and environmental footprint.

As a player in the green transition, Ouest Valorisation has been supporting the development and valorization of a portfolio of high potential patents in the field of Green Chemistry, a strategic element of CleanTech. Multiple actions of valorization of public research work have led to the development of innovative and disruptive technologies, which have been exclusively licensed out to DEMETA.

"Ouest Valorisation is DEMETA’s preferred partner for intellectual property. Our equity interest in DEMETA confirms our objective to promote public research-based innovation and is part of a long-term privileged relationship," says Cyrille CHAPON, Director of Transfer of SATT Ouest Valorisation.

The priority of Patrick PIOT, DEMETA’s Chief Executive Officer, is to accelerate the development of DEMETA by the commercialization of its NexTene ™ resins and the continuation of very promising developments in its GreenCARE joint R&D laboratory, and preferably to reinforce this project in the Rennes area to benefit from local skills and strengths.

"The fundraisings which took place in 2018 enabled us to industrialize our NexTene ™ resins and to accelerate the GreenCARE project which has just filed a first patent after less than a year of existence. As we initiate a new phase of fundraising, the presence of SATT Ouest-Valorisation as a shareholder is a key element as it confirms the value of the intellectual property developed and used by DEMETA " adds the entrepreneur.


About Demeta :

DEMETADEMETA S.A.S develops new generation catalysts for green chemistry. A catalyst is a patented molecular too which, used in very low amount, simplify chemical reactions, thereby reducing processing costs and environmental footprint, and making chemical processes safer. With its first technology platform (Olefin Metathesis), DEMETA commercializes NexTene™ resins, a new family of high-performance materials, with a focus on 3 different markets: industrial complex parts (e.g. body panels for agricultural and off-road equipment), oil & gas and composites materials. Since its inception in 2011, DEMETA benefits from the support of Truffle Capital investment fund and BPI France.


About Ouest Valorisation :

SATT OUEST VALORISATIONSince 2012, Ouest Valorisation has worked every day to be the bridge between public research and the socio-economic world. It protects and finances the most promising inventions, enabling them to obtain a proof of concept and then simplifying the transfer of innovations from French academic research to companies. Ouest Valorisation, in tune with public research laboratories in Brittany and Pays de la Loire as well as companies, offers a complete and tailor-made service offering.




DEMETA : Ralph HEDEL, Chief Commercial Officer - ralph.hedel@demeta-solutions.com


SATT Ouest Valorisation : Bruno WESTEEL, Head of Marketing & Communication - bruno.westeel@ouest-valorisation.fr