Rennes, November 6th, 2018 - DEMETA, leader in the development of new generation catalysts for green chemistry, announces the filing of a first patent application from its GreenCARE joint R&D lab (“LabCom”).


Benefiting from the highly selective “Labcom" label granted by the French Agence Nationale pour la Recherche (ANR) and a strong support from the Brittany Region, GreenCARE LabCom brings together chemists from DEMETA and the Université de Rennes 1. It combines their expertise in both organometallic and polymetallic catalysis, with the ambition to commercialise a new technology of oxidative cleavage of alkenes within three years.

GreenCARE aims at developing new green technologies for the oxidative cleavage of alkenes, whose impacts would be of major importance for the chemical industry, as they would significantly reduce the dangerousness of currently used processes. "Nine months after the creation of GreenCARE, the filing of the first patent confirms the effectiveness of this R&D partnership and the progress of the project," said Jean-François Carpentier, Vice-Chairman of the Research Committee of the Academic Council of Université de Rennes 1.

Oxidative cleavage of alkenes is a critical reaction in the chemical industry. Bringing added-value to commodities, this reaction allows the production of many derivatives with applications in the fields of plasticizers, lubricants, monomers for polyesters and polyamides, but also in the fields of cosmetics and pharmaceutical intermediates.

Although efficient, current processes are being increasingly challenged as they pose major industrial risks (pollution, explosion) and are expensive. Polymetallic catalysis is a new strategy that combines two metals, non-precious and non-toxic, in order to generate synergies and improve the efficiency of chemical processes.

"The R&D work at the GreenCARE LabCom will, in the allocated timeframe, lead to the obtention of chemical processes that are much more environmentally friendly and cheaper than conventional systems, both in terms of capital invested and variable costs," says Patrick Piot, Chief Executive officer at DEMETA.




About DEMETA :

DEMETA S.A.S develops new generation catalysts for green chemistry. With its first technology platform (metathesis of olefins), DEMETA markets a high-performance material, NexTene ™, with a commercial focus in three priority markets: large complex parts,  oil and gas, composite materials. With its second technological platform (polymetallic catalysis), DEMETA develops technologies for the oxidative cleavage of alkenes for the production of precursors of polyesters or polyamides, specialty ester derivatives, pharmaceutical intermediates, flavors and perfumes, etc. Since its creation in 2011, DEMETA is supported by Truffle Capital and BPI France.


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About Université de Rennes 1 :

The Institute of Chemical Sciences of Rennes, a joined Research Unit of which Rennes 1 University and the CNRS are two of the stakeholders, is one of the flagship units in France in the field of chemistry thanks to its size, its scientific & contractual activity and its international reputation. This is reflected in its presence in many famous international rankings. The Organometallics: Materials and Catalysis team is at the heart of this research unit and the catalysis in Rennes has a strong international visibility.



ANR            Those research works are supported by the National Research Agency (ANR) LabCom Program, GreenCARE Program No. 17-LCV2-0009-01.