GreenCARE LabCom: New Catalysts for Green Chemistry


PRESS RELEASE – For immediate release


Rennes, France, May 29th, 2018 - DEMETA, leader in the development of new generation catalysts for green chemistry is proud to announce the official opening of its GreenCARE joint R&D lab (“LabCom”) in partnership with Université de Rennes 1, CNRS-Institut des Sciences Chimiques de Rennes and the support of SATT Ouest Valorisation.


“The first objective of our GreenCARE LabCom is to use polymetallic catalysis to develop a process of oxidative cleavage of alkenes that will  replace dangerous processes such as ozonolysis or the use of toxic osmium catalysts”, explains Christophe DARCEL, Professor at the  Université de Rennes 1: “After more than 6 months of R&D work, we already have very promising results that will be patented soon.


Oxidative cleavage of alkenes is a challenging reaction for the chemical industry. Most current processes, such as ozonolysis, are often efficient, but done under harsh conditions making them really expensive, but also hazardous and polluting. Applications range from the production of fine chemicals and esters, to the synthesis of pharmaceutical intermediates, flavors & fragrances, etc.


Patrick Piot, Chief Executive Officer at DEMETA explains. “Polymetallic catalysis is a revolutionnary domain that is just taking off within the chemical industry. By combining two or more metals within the same catalytic system, one can achieve very high efficiency, while using abundant, low-cost and non-toxic metals. With this joint R&D lab, DEMETA positioned itself at the fore front of this technology.”


This joint R&D lab was awarded the highly selective “LabCom” label from the French Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR) and is also strongly supported by the local “Région Bretagne”. All together, this is a team of 8 high-level scientists that will work on this technology development program, which ultimately will be industrialized by DEMETA.


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DEMETA S.A.S develops new generation catalysts for green chemistry. A catalyst is a patented molecular tool, used in very low amount, to simplify chemical reactions, thereby reducing processing costs and environmental footprint, and making chemical processes safer.

With its first technology platform (Olefin Metathesis), DEMETA commercializes NexTene™ resins, a new family of high performance materials, with a focus on 4 different markets: complex parts produced by RIM processing, oil & gas, composites materials and specialty adhesives.

With its second technology platform (Polymetallic Catalysis), DEMETA develops oxidative technologies for the production of precursors for polymers, flavors and fragrances, pharma intermediates or specialty esters.


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