Dr Philippe Pouletty is a pioneer in biotechnology and medical devices. He founded SangStat in 1988, a company specialising in organ transplant therapy, listed on the NASDAQ, then Conjuchem in 1993, a biotech firm specialised in developing next-gen medicines from therapeutic peptides, listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

He is the co-founder and CEO of Truffle Capital, founder and Chairman of Deinove, a biotech company that develops compounds for industry from rare microorganisms, and Abivax, an innovative biotech firm that targets the immune system to eliminate viral and inflammatory diseases. Dr Pouletty is also founder of Carbios, a green chemical company developing innovative enzyme processes to reshape the lifecycle of plastics, co-founder and board member of Pharnext, a leading biopharma company in combinatorial medicine, and Vexim, an innovative medical devices company, Chairman of Diaccurate, a biotech company specialising in immunomodulation, and board member at Myopowers, Biokinesis, Kephalios and all other companies in the Truffle Capital portfolio.

Dr Pouletty graduated as a doctor of medicine from the University of Paris VI and holds master's degrees in immunology and virology from Institut Pasteur. He is also a post-doctoral research fellow at Stanford University, the 1999 laureate of the American Liver Foundation and Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur.Dr Pouletty is the former Chairman and Honorary Chairman of France Biotech, the French biotech industry association, former Vice Chairman of Europabio and the author of 29 patents.