Didier Roux joined the French CNRS in 1980 and became Reseach Director in 1990 . Between 1997 and 2005, he was member of Rhone Poulenc then Rhodia's Scientific and Technology Committee. Meanwhile, he was also implied in the creation of two technology start-ups. He joined the Saint Gobain Group in 2005 as Global Head of R&D, and became Global Head of Innovation in 2009.

Didier Roux graduated from the "École Normale Supérieure de Saint Cloud" and owns a PhD in Chemistry. Didier Roux won many awards such as the IBM Material award and the Mergier Bourdeix prize from the "Académie des Sciences". He was awarded with the silver medal from the CNRS. In 2016, he was nominated at the Technological Innovation Chair of the College de France. He is also a member of the "Académie des Sciences" (Institut de France) and the "Académie des Technologies".