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Demeta S.A.S develops new generation catalysts for green chemistry.

A catalyst is a patented molecular tool, used at very low dosage, which simplifies our chemistry, thereby reducing processing costs and environmental footprint, and making chemical processes safer.

With its first technology platform (Olefin Metathesis), Demeta commercialises its NexTene™ resins, a new family of high performance materials, with a focus on 3 different markets : complex parts produced by RIM processing, oil & gas and composites materials.

With its second technology platform (Polymetallic Catalysis), Demeta develops technologies for the oxidative cleavage of alkenes, for production of specialty esters, pharma intermediates, flavors & fragrances, or precursors for polyesters and polyamides. 

Since its inception in 2011, Demeta can count on the support of Truffle Capital and also BPI France.

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FRENCH TECHDemeta ranks #1 in the GreenTech category of the 2019 most inventive French start-ups, #15 across all categories 
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The 12 principles of Green Chemistry

The 12 principles of Green Chemistry are at the core of Demeta's DNA.

Those principles give recommendations on the use of chemical production processes that allow a better use of resources, a reduced environmental footprint and a bigger respect of the industrial operators and end-users.

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Our markets


We have developed the NexTene™ resins, a novel family of high performance polymers, produced from cyclo-olefins, polymerized with Demeta’s proprietary and cost-competitive ruthenium-based metathesis catalysts.

NexTene™ is a family of low density thermoset resin, with exceptional qualities in terms of strength and toughness, durability and ultra-low viscosity. It is very easy to process, cost effective, can be used in extreme conditions, and has a low carbon footprint, making it an ideal alternative to conventional resins such as epoxy, polyester or PU, for a whole range of industries. Off-road vehicles, aerospace and defense, wind energy, deep offshore: these are just some of the fields where the process and properties of our products will meet your needs.

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